Five go down to the sea

Picnic is packed, lashings of ginger beer at the ready, Timmy the dog is waving his tale and five-go-down-to-the-seabarking madly, and Julian tells everyone to buck up and hurry, it’s time to go down to the sea. Yes, the school holidays have rolled around and the Famous Five are back together again and ready for their newest adventure.

Enid Blyton would, I hope, have thoroughly approved of the Five Writers, Five Towns, Five Days road trip adventure, taking Byron Writers Festival out to the regions, running free events for schools and communities in the Northern Rivers.

Although Enid might have scratched her head at the five of us – an historical fiction and fantasy writer (Kate Forsyth), slam poet (Miles Merrill), genre hopping novelist (yours truly – but you can call me George), an extremely IMG_3480elegant beat novelist from Western Sydney (Luke Carman), and a burnt out teacher with a fire in her belly for educational change (Gabriel Stroud). Plus our intrepid leader Zachary Jane, a tireless mix of roadie, driver, bookseller, author, chair/MC and all round holder-together of the thing.

First stop Coffs Harbour Library, with a large and enthusiastic audience of readers and writers who wanted to know EVERYTHING. Talking about beginnings – and each reading from the start of our works – we wooed them with 16th century Scotland, meandered through the origin of Hansel and Gretel, hit them in the guts with the voice of contemporary LiverpooIMG_5216l and left them weeping with a description of one teacher in the classroom and her despair.

Anyone not weeping was only there for the spread, which was awesome. The librarians treated us like old friends and bought out lunch of the best salad in the world.

[Resident poet Miles is AWOL – apparently this is what the 555 poets do – a late entry to make sure they’re noticed. He’s arriving by plane this morning and we’re planning the hazing ritual.]

Evening – Latitude 360 restaurant down at the Jetty and an intimate group that let us get up close and personal about where ideas come from, what drives you to write, if you choose the stories – or if they choose you. Luke says he doesn’tIMG_5964 even write stories – he wrote enough sentences to make half a million words and the publisher said yes, but cut it by 90% so we can publish a short book. That was the most amazing achievement on the table for our first day I reckon.

Then back to the bar for a yarn about the meaning of literature, can it be revolutionary, why are we writing at all, and should we order another round before closing time.

Zac is starving herself (too busy to eat), there are lashings of champagne, and we’re headed out for a scrumptious Enid Blyton breakfast this morning before being led, like lambs to the slaughter, to perform for children in the food court in a local shopping mall. Then into the Courthouse Hotel in Mullumbimby tonight for lively yarns, theatresports without the blood, and lashings of chips. More news tomorrow if I survive the experience.

About Jesse Blackadder

Living at the easternmost tip of Australia on the caldera of an extinct volcano, Jesse Blackadder is a novelist, freelance writer and Doctor of Creative Arts. She is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places and has published three adult novels and three novels for children.
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5 Responses to Five go down to the sea

  1. Oh George! This is an excellent adventure. What larks!

  2. jenboau7 says:

    It’s always entertaining reading your blogs Jesse and I’m very glad to see one in my inbox this morning! What a fabulous road trip…next year Victoria please ❤️

  3. Jesse woman… GB and I were thinking of you the other day! Winter looking like its giving up the ghost and “What? No chai??!! Where is that Jesse??!! 😀

    As usual, your post reflects the amazing life and times of you, and it delights me thinking of you off on another adventure, and it delights me thinking of all those blessed people who will enjoy the sharing of knowledge, inspiration and reflection from all of you intrepid Enid sea-goers 😀

    Hugs and hugs and hugs to you, amazing Jesse.

    Come to CB !!!! ((((((( hug )))))))

  4. Dawn cohen says:

    Very droll. Jesse. And brilliantly written.


  5. Judy Singer says:

    Go Jesse Go – what a fab road journey! Looking forward to seeing you and your gang soon xxxxxx

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