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Days Like This

How did it happen? The month has disappeared! Someone stole a week out of it somewhere. I have but two days left and many more things I’d like to do. Carol, who flies out a day later than me, is … Continue reading

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More weekend whales

Sunday morning – I woke up early to a very pink pre-dawn sky – got out of my cosy bed and scampered out into the chill to try and take some photos, as anything to do with sun is quite … Continue reading

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A whale of a weekend – Saturday

Saturday’s ingredients: three hours of time, 17 kids aged 7-11 years, 96 crayons, six little pallets of paint, brushes, water, textas (markers), coloured pencils, lead pencils art paper, newspaper, rocks, clam shells, driftwood, two optimistic Australians (us), three nervous Californians … Continue reading

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Remarkable meetings

In the past week the weather has bounced from winter to spring – the ‘winterless winter’ as a member of Blue Canoe Writer’s Group phrased it last night. Swan Lake, in a little valley below our house, froze over enough … Continue reading

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Climb Every Mountain

Sitka is known for its Weather. Capital W weather – the sort that sends weeks on end of cold, driving rain. Which apparently were the conditions prior to our arrival. But we continued our good luck streak with weather (bringing … Continue reading

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Settling in to Sitka

Tuesday night, and Carol and I are just home from an evening with Blue Canoe Writer’s Group, a weekly gathering of writers to share work and tell stories. Eugene, one of the members, collected us at 6.15pm and I quickly … Continue reading

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Chasing the (northern) light

Greetings from Alaska, where I’ve spent a wild week chasing the northern lights up into the Arctic Circle. Carol and I arrived in Anchorage on the heels of the first big winter snow dump of the season – it’s been … Continue reading

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