A bang and a whimper

The new year starts with both a bang and a whimper. The bang is the sound made as my (still quite new) Honda backs hard into a lamppost, crumpling into a shape that will take it off the road for three weeks. The whimper is my immune system trying to respond to the burrowing bite of a shellback tick behind my ear – a bite that lays me out for ten days.

All of which means, as far as I can tell, that I should have a quiet start to the year and take it easy.

I don’t blog all that much, as those of you following me know. Until I’m going on an adventure, and then I love to tell tales of the journey. So it’s that time. Since my last big adventure I’ve written several novels for kids and finished my Doctor of Creative Arts. Now I’m heading to Alaska again – returning to the Island Institute for a second writing residency. Four delicious weeks, this time during winter, to dive into the deep space that writing an adult novel requires.

A big difference this time: I’m not going alone. My aunt, Carol Birrell, applied with me for the joint residency. Together we’re going to write, create, paint, draw, sculpt and play for four weeks – alone, together, and with the Sitka community. We’ve added a week at the start to head up into the Arctic Circle to see if we can find the Aurora Borealis.

So – stay tuned. Adventures coming up.

Alaska 017

About Jesse Blackadder

Living at the easternmost tip of Australia on the caldera of an extinct volcano, Jesse Blackadder is a novelist, freelance writer and Doctor of Creative Arts. She is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places and has published three adult novels and three novels for children.
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5 Responses to A bang and a whimper

  1. Dawn cohen says:

    Have a wonderful time Dr Blackadder. Love, dawn.

    Dawn Cohen


  2. Kerry Tolson says:

    Have a wonderful trip Jesse. Looking forward very much to your next novel. Enjoy 🙂

  3. Wendy Loefler says:

    Wow, congratulations and all the best, enviously, Wendy Loefler

  4. Jessie Cole says:

    Sounds amazing! (Except for the tick, which is a horrid development.) Can’t wait for the Alaska updates!

  5. jenboau7 says:

    Oh goodie Jesse, I do love to hear of your delicious adventures around the globe. What fun to spend it with family who is also a friend xx

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