The next big adventure starts tomorrow

The house is strewn with sleeping bags, walking boots, camera gear, polar fleeces, sunscreen and lists. The next big adventure begins tomorrow and it’s a beauty.

It came about like this: after coming back from Antarctica I wanted to write a children’s story about “Stay” – the seeing eye dog that has been an Antarctic legend for the past 20 years (by the way, she’s fibreglass). When I discussed it with my publishers, they said great idea – but what about a series? Having spent my entire childhood avidly reading books about animals (especially horses), I was up for it. We’ve signed an agreement for three children’s novels, aimed at 8-11 year olds, known as the Amazing Animals series. ‘Stay – the last dog in Antarctica will be the first book out (in mid 2013), but my current adventure relates to the second book.

Three years ago I cut out a newspaper story about the wild brumbies in the Kimberley – beautiful horses with strong Arabian bloodlines who live out at Lake Gregory near the Tanami Track in the middle of Western Australia. Seriously remote. It was a great feeling to dig that story out of my filing cabinet and know that it will come to life at last. I can’t say too much about what I’m writing yet, but it will focus on those horses and a most unexpected journey they make.

So – you guessed it – Andi and I are off to the KimberleImagey tomorrow to track down the horses. There was only a small window of opportunity to go, and we’ve taken it. Together with a friend of Andi’s, we’ll head out from Broome into the desert on the trail of stars and horses.

No blogging from out there I’m afraid, but I’ll give you an update and some pix when I get back to civilization in 10 days or so – just in time for the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival.

If you want to know a little more about the horses, check out the wild horses kimberley website. Thanks to Libby Lovegrove for this picture, of a stallion out at Lake Gregory known as Pavarotti.

Over and out!

Jesse xx

About Jesse Blackadder

Living at the easternmost tip of Australia on the caldera of an extinct volcano, Jesse Blackadder is a novelist, freelance writer and Doctor of Creative Arts. She is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places and has published three adult novels and three novels for children.
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3 Responses to The next big adventure starts tomorrow

  1. Linnie says:

    How delightfu, Jesse…a trio of childrne’s books AND the Kimberley… what a magic place that is… even though I didn’t see your wild horses when I travelled through the region…
    You’re writing at a pace not unlike a wild brumby’s gallop, methinks… well done you… hope you fit a visit or several to choir in amidst your full schedule… I just enjoyed a delicious 5 days of singing with Imi’s Winter Camp at Bellingen… Yummy… Yes!!! But it eats right into my own writing time… hee hee… no… really… I’ll stick to art. (((hug)))

  2. Director, The Writing Business says:

    How brilliant Jesse. Congratulations.
    See you at the festival!

  3. Jane says:

    Travel safe, enjoy the adventure, Millie will be one of the first in line for all three of those books!

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