Fealty has been paid to the fearful King Neptune and his terrifying assistants. More than 40 of us knelt on the floor, kissed the fish (yes it’s real), drank of the slimy fluids and were bathed with Neptune’s foul balm. Now I know where the kitchen scraps have been going for the past week. I got off pretty lightly compared to most… I think because I was in the first group, so Neptune had to ramp it up a bit to keep the audience screaming for blood.

Of course the showers were cold afterwards. And apparently it takes days to get the stink out of your hair. That mixture smelt as bad as it looks. And it’s lingering around the ship…

It was awesome.

Jesse xxx

About Jesse Blackadder

Living at the easternmost tip of Australia on the caldera of an extinct volcano, Jesse Blackadder is a novelist, freelance writer and Doctor of Creative Arts. She is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places and has published three adult novels and three novels for children.
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4 Responses to Slimed!

  1. linnie says:

    yerrrrrkkkk… I can smell it from here…seriously! we had fish curry for dinner, and the smell won’t leave the kitchen, and then looking at those photos, my nostrils started quivering, in a not-nice way!!! 🙂


  2. Sharon Dean says:

    Eeeew. Looks like someone threw up on that guy in the third photo. Lovely, though, that everyone looks so alive and happy.

  3. Jen says:

    Nice work Jesse
    You managed to dodge the worst of it it seems. Must be quite a tried and true recipe they use on all the virgin travelers because everyone appears to enjoy the experience if not the taste.
    I’m so glad you’re having the time of your life. It brings me joy to see you in your element.

  4. Judy Wagner says:

    Just wanted to tell you how much i am enjoying your blog entries, & how endlessly fascinating your whole experience is for this little vegemite. Thanks heaps.

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