There are a lot of doors on the way to Antarctica SEC=UNCLASSIFIED

Aboard ship, there’s a door on everything. To get from my cabin to my workplace I go through six doors. Each one is a heavy, self-closing fire door requiring at least one hand to open, hold, and then close behind (‘self closing’ doors don’t always go the whole way). Along with climbing the flight of stairs between D Deck (sleeping) and E Deck (eating), it’s about the only exercise I’m getting at the moment. There are two gyms on board, but the prospect of trying to exercise in a small, enclosed space which is moving around and shaking has so far failed to attract me.

I’m avoiding writing now, of course. My characters are being uncooperative, so I’m on my fourth cup of tea, I’ve raided the tim tam jar, and now a little blog post seems like a good idea. And guess what – it’s only an hour till dinner. Roast lamb. To follow on from the salt and pepper squid served at lunch. In case we’re at risk of starving. That doesn’t include the extensive salad bar, the vegetarian options and the yummy side dishes…

Alright. Enough procrastinating. There’s time for another hour of writing before then.

About Jesse Blackadder

Living at the easternmost tip of Australia on the caldera of an extinct volcano, Jesse Blackadder is a novelist, freelance writer and Doctor of Creative Arts. She is fascinated by landscapes, adventurous women and very cold places and has published three adult novels and three novels for children.
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3 Responses to There are a lot of doors on the way to Antarctica SEC=UNCLASSIFIED

  1. Theresa says:

    Jesse, have only just checked in now – thinking of you and Ingrid C on the way to Antarctica – keep blogging (despite the wind & the swell!!! you’re a brave one, girl!), feel like I’m on the great voyage too, lots of love Txxx

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi my name is Pamela from Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide all the year 5’s are studying Antarctica and have been very interested in your blogs.

    All the best,
    Pamela from Pulteney Grammar 5C

  3. Yiani says:

    Hi Jesse my name is Yiani im from Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide. All of the year 5 are studying Antarctica and im loving learning about Antarctica how are you doing out there

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